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Reading and Writing & Language/English

Seven 2-hour sessions (either SAT or ACT, without essay)
Nine 2-hour sessions (both SAT and ACT, without essay)

After building a solid foundation for grammar and reading comprehension, the sessions cover multiple-choice tests to prepare students for exam day.
  • Critical Reading Overview (understanding how to approach the various passage types, perform a focused reading to target the correct answers, and avoid common traps)
  • Writing & Language/English Overview
  • Test-Taking Strategies and Finer Points; for international students, how to navigate the Computer-Based ACT with confidence
  • Identifying Basic Parts of Speech (creating a firm foundation for grammar discussions)
  • Building the Sentence (understanding valid sentence structures, upgrading writing, and correcting errors; how to use the semicolon, em dash, colon, and more)
  • Avoiding Common Writing Mistakes (how to identify and correct them)
  • Mastering Quotation Marks (how to use them in various contexts)
  • Breaking Down the Pronoun (me vs. I, who vs. whom, that vs. which, myself, and more)
  • Understanding Confused and Misused Words (concentrating on those frequently tested)
  • Grasping More Grammar Goodies (subject-verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent agreement, compound subjects, compound verbs, collective nouns, appositives, essential and non-essential adjective clauses, linking verbs)
  • Appreciating the Nitty-Gritty of Punctuation (the Oxford comma, hyphenation, compound adjectives, not only/but also)
  • Distinguishing between Possessive Form and Plural (knowing the difference and how to form them)
  • Grasping the Gerund (how to use it properly)
  • Understanding Conjunctive Adverbs (grouping them, knowing how to use them correctly)
  • Reviewing Tests (exploring wrong and uncertain answers to learn from mistakes)


One additional 2-hour session (either SAT or ACT)
Two additional 2-hour sessions (both SAT and ACT)

The perfect complement to the Reading and Writing & Language/English course, this program prepares students for the optional SAT/ACT essay, widening possibilities for college applications. An essential component is real-time coach feedback—line by line. While this program focuses on the test-specific essay, it will also improve the student’s overall writing, which helps in the context of high school classes, applying to college, college classes, the workplace, and beyond.
  • Essay Overview (learning how to approach the SAT or ACT essay tests)
  • Three Essay Reviews (after the student writes an assigned essay as homework, the coach will review it line-by-line with the student, addressing weaknesses, reinforcing strengths, and finding ways to improve writing skills)
  • SAT Essay (understanding how to develop, organize, and write a rhetorical analysis on a 650-word passage)
  • ACT Writing Test (understanding how to not only evaluate multiple perspectives on a given topic but also offer a personal point of view in a cohesive essay)
  • Spice Up Your Writing (receiving an extensive list of suggested words to use)
  • Writing Phrases (creating sentences in advance with key wording to use on test day)
  • Essay Essentials (mastering thesis statements, transitions, topic sentences, supporting details, varied sentence structures, and conclusions)


Eight 2-hour sessions (either SAT or ACT)

This individualized curriculum uncovers a student's gaps and rough edges so that the coach can appropriately guide math improvement.
  • SAT/ACT Math Overview
  • Test-Taking Management and Strategies
  • Using Exponents and Radicals (includes laws/rules and common mistakes)
  • Using and Calculating Percentages
  • Calculating and Graphing Linear and Exponential Growth/Decay (includes simple and compound interest)
  • Using Proportions
  • Calculating Rates
  • Understanding Area and Volume
  • Grasping General Strategies for Understanding and Working with Mathematical Equations, Inequalities and Expressions
  • Implementing Additional Strategies for Manipulating and Solving Equations
  • Constructing and Interpreting Simple Mathematical Models
  • Understanding Methods for Solving, and Considerations Regarding, Systems of Equations and Inequalities
  • Improving Mathematical Literacy (interpreting and translating word problems)
  • Grasping Properties of Lines and Linear Equations
  • Interpreting of Linear Models
  • Comprehending General Functions and Their Properties
  • Understanding Quadratic Functions and Their Properties
  • Performing Synthetic Division
  • Working with Complex Numbers
  • Working with Absolute Values
  • Angles and Regular Geometric Figures (includes similar triangles and special right triangles)
  • Circles and Their Properties
  • Mastering the Basics of Trigonometry
  • Reading and Interpreting Figures and Data
  • Basic Probability
  • Using and Interpreting Statistical Properties (e.g. mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation)
  • Considering Real-World Statistical Implications and Approaches to Modeling
  • Reviewing Tests (exploring wrong and uncertain answers to learn from mistakes)

ACT Science

Two 2-hour sessions

This program prepares a student for the science portion of the ACT. (The SAT does not test science.)

  • ACT Science Overview
  • Interpreting Data (reading tables, graphs, charts)
  • Evaluating Models, Inferences and Experimental Results
  • Understanding Scientific Investigation
  • Grasping Key Terminology
  • Reviewing Tests (exploring student’s wrong and uncertain answers to learn from mistakes)

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