Programs Offered
Writing and Grammar Online Coaching.

Writing and Grammar Coaching
Three 2-hour sessions

Designed for teens and adults, this individualized curriculum fills in personal gaps, creates a solid foundation, and improves the student’s grammar and writing.


Online SAT Essay test prep or online ACT Writing test prep.

SAT, ACT, GRE, or SSAT Essay Prep
Three 2-hour sessions

This curriculum builds a solid foundation for grammar and writing while targeting a test’s specific writing prompt.


Online classes for SAT and ACT tests.

SAT AND ACT Essay Prep
Five 2-hour sessions

This curriculum establishes a firm foundation of grammar and writing while focusing on both the SAT Essay and ACT Writing Test.


Refresher English and Grammar Courses.

One 2-hour session

This option is offered to a WCA student close to test time to review previously covered materials.


About The Tests
Writing Coaches of America offers two specific courses for high school students preparing to take the SAT and ACT. These programs reinforce grammar tested in the English section of the SAT/ACT and also provide detailed guidance for the Essay portion of the test. Even strong students with solid writing skills may struggle to achieve a high score if they do not understand how to write to the test’s very specific prompt. Through instruction and repetition, students will know exactly what to expect on test day--there will be no surprises.

Writing and grammar coaching that is not geared toward a specific test is also offered. This program is appropriate for middle or high schoolers, college students, and adults.

In every Writing Coaches of America course, coaches work one-on-one with students. This allows the coaches to assess each student’s skills and remediate wherever necessary. This includes evaluating the student’s handwriting, as the SAT and ACT essay portions are in handwritten form. No two sessions are the same; each is personalized to the student, thus allowing the most rapid and sustained improvements.

Although book-based learning, group lessons, and computer-based courses may work well for some subjects, those formats cannot adequately address student needs when preparing for the SAT or ACT Essay. An essential part of every Writing Coaches of America program is the one-on-one interaction and continual feedback between student and teacher.

Tutoring sessions are conducted online via Skype and using Google Docs. This method is convenient and comfortable for the student while allowing both coach and student to see, discuss, and modify the teaching documents simultaneously in real time.

The Act Writing Test

The ACT Writing Test is reported on a 12-point scale (as of September 2016). Note that this is not part of the ACT Composite Score (1-36). The ACT offers a score from 2 to 12 in each of four categories: ideas and analysis, development and support, organization, and language use and conventions; those four scores are averaged together for an essay score of 2-12. The Essay test offers a brief passage followed by three perspectives; the student will have 40 minutes to analyze and evaluate the perspectives, develop his or her own perspective, and explain the relationship between his or her perspective and those offered.

School Policies about the ACT Writing Test

Admission requirements of colleges and universities vary. With regards to the ACT Writing Test, schools will choose one of three options:
  • Require
  • Recommend
  • Not needed
Find out if your potential schools want the ACT Writing Test by reviewing the most curent information provided on the ACT Website:

For upcoming test dates, visit: the US 2016-2017

The SAT Essay

Redesigned in March of 2016, the SAT is reported on a 1600 scoring scale (800 Reading & Writing, 800 Math). Prior to March of 2016, the scores were out of a possible 2400 (800 Critical Reading, 800 Writing, 800 Math). Both the old and redesigned tests score the Essay separately. The old SAT’s Essay score was from 2 to 12. The new SAT Essay is given a score from 2 to 8 in each of three categories: reading, analysis, and writing; the total score is out of a possible 24. While the old Essay was 25 minutes long, the new Essay test is 50 minutes and calls for a rhetorical analysis of an approximately 700-word passage.

School Policies About the SAT Essay

Admission requirements of colleges and universities vary. With regards to the SAT Essay, schools will choose one of three options:
  • Require
  • Recommend
  • Neither require nor recommend.
Find out if your potential schools want the SAT Essay by reviewing the most current CollegeBoard information here:

If a particular school is not included on the list, consult the school’s website.

For upcoming test dates, visit:

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