"One of the best investments we’ve ever made."

- T.D., Parent

"My son's writing score went from the 44th percentile to the 88th after working with Writing Coaches of America. With each session, he came away with a greater understanding of how to develop and write a strong essay. While his confidence in writing increased, the true results showed in his test scores."

- S.H., Mother

"They improved my writing by helping me with my grammar and writing precision. Where were they when I was in 9th grade? My grades would have been very different."

- D.P., High School

"A very fluid and need-based tutoring experience . . . helping me develop my essay writing skills and strengthen my structure and argument."

- R.K., Student

"At last, a phenomenal writing program! My child always struggled with grammar and sentence structure. Her writing coach was amazing at grasping where the issues existed. As my daughter is a concrete learner, I knew this would be a challenge. The moment I realized that this program was so beneficial was when my daughter wrote a compelling note to a teacher. He actually said he was so impressed by how she "effectively argued her position." This was a huge compliment to both her and Writing Coaches of America. The tools she has gained through this program will be used for many years to come."

- S.G., Proud Parent

"Extremely helpful. My coach helped me understand mistakes in my practice essays, going over them sentence by sentence."

- L.G., Student

"This program has tremendously helped me improve my writing and grammar skills by sending me the best learning tools with ample amounts of examples and quizzes. Starting at the basics and then moving along through the tricky grammar rules, I believe my coach has prepared me not only to conquer my standardized tests but also to better my writing for the rest of my life."

- K.M., Student

"Writing Coaches of America was an effective, efficient way to move my son's writing skills to the next level. His instructor brought strong writing skills and knowledge of the test to their sessions. He greatly benefited from the one-on-one guidance, strategies, and revisions that will help him through all of his AP courses and college. I highly recommend Writing Coaches of America."

- D.W., Mother

"This class has been a very beneficial learning experience for me! My coach teaches how to best prepare for the format of writing expected on the new SAT and strengthens individual writing styles with an impeccable combination of humor and professionalism."

- R.K., Student

"As of two months ago, I had no knowledge of the SAT writing. Through my work with Writing Coaches of America, I feel incredibly comfortable with the SAT writing. My instructor used her humor to make the dull task of studying for the SAT enjoyable."

- T.C., Student

"The tutoring sessions offered an exciting and fun experience to introducing new grammar concepts as well as solidifying older ones. I learned plenty of new and old tricks to employ in my writing and grammar; furthermore, I improved my grammar and writing skills through the lessons."

- A.R., Student

"I never thought that I was so behind in the grammatical rules of writing. My coach has taught me every grammar rule in the book, and I use them whenever possible. Tutoring with her has allowed me to become advanced with my writing and decrease my grammatical errors. My friends even get annoyed with me when I correct them on their grammar during text conversations. I enjoy showing off what I have learned, and I cannot wait to display my skills in the ACT exam."

- T.J., Student

"The sessions helped to boost my confidence when writing an essay. I now have a better understanding on how to approach the prompts."

- E.G., Student

"Writing Coaches of America was an essential part of my preparation for the ACT. Not only did the instructor teach me how to write an ACT perspective essay, but she also strengthened my ability to structure sentences and improved my grammar skills."

- J.W., Student

"The greatest benefit of this program is that we essentially covered the same amount of grammar and writing techniques in a few hours that students learn in an entire school year."

- M.S., Student

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