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Business Communication Coaching

Three 2-hour sessions

Designed for business professionals, this course offers a firm foundation of grammar, writing, and business correspondence etiquette. Polished and clean business communication is essential to one’s credibility, whether it be in a job application cover letter, email correspondence with coworkers, or communication with clients.

Writing and Grammar Foundation:

  • Identifying Basic Parts of Speech (creating a firm foundation for grammar discussions)
  • Building the Sentence (understanding valid sentence structures, upgrading writing, and correcting errors; how to use the semicolon, em dash, colon, and more)
  • Avoiding Common Writing Mistakes (how to identify and correct them)
  • Mastering Quotation Marks (how to use them in various contexts)
  • Breaking Down the Pronoun (me vs. I, who vs. whom, that vs. which, myself, and more)
  • Understanding Confused and Misused Words (concentrating on those frequently tested)
  • Grasping More Grammar Goodies (subject-verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent agreement, compound subjects, compound verbs, collective nouns, appositives, essential and non-essential adjective clauses, linking verbs)
  • Appreciating the Nitty-Gritty of Punctuation (the Oxford comma, hyphenation, compound adjectives, not only/but also)
  • Distinguishing between Possessive Form and Plural (knowing the difference and how to form them)
  • Grasping the Gerund (how to use it properly)
  • Understanding Conjunctive Adverbs (grouping them, knowing how to use them correctly)

Business-Specific Concepts:

  • Business Writing Attitude (you vs. I viewpoint)
  • Appropriate Tone
  • Business Writing Formats

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