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Writing and Grammar Coaching

Three 2-hour sessions

Designed for 12-year-olds through adults, this individualized curriculum fills in personal gaps, creates a solid foundation, and improves the student’s grammar and writing. An essential component is real-time coach feedback—line by line. This program will improve the student’s overall writing, which helps in the context of middle and high school classes, applying to college, college classes, the workplace, and beyond.

Writing and Grammar Foundation:

  • Identifying Basic Parts of Speech (creating a firm foundation for grammar discussions)
  • Building the Sentence (understanding valid sentence structures, upgrading writing, and correcting errors; how to use the semicolon, em dash, colon, and more)
  • Avoiding Common Writing Mistakes (how to identify and correct them)
  • Mastering Quotation Marks (how to use them in various contexts)
  • Breaking Down the Pronoun (me vs. I, who vs. whom, that vs. which, myself, and more)
  • Understanding Confused and Misused Words (concentrating on those frequently tested)
  • Grasping More Grammar Goodies (subject-verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent agreement, compound subjects, compound verbs, collective nouns, appositives, essential and non-essential adjective clauses, linking verbs)
  • Appreciating the Nitty-Gritty of Punctuation (the Oxford comma, hyphenation, compound adjectives, not only/but also)
  • Distinguishing between Possessive Form and Plural (knowing the difference and how to form them)
  • Grasping the Gerund (how to use it properly)
  • Understanding Conjunctive Adverbs (grouping them, knowing how to use them correctly)


  • Essay Overview (understanding how to develop, organize, and write the essay)
  • Three Essay Reviews (after the student writes an assigned essay as homework, the coach will review it line-by-line with the student, addressing weaknesses, reinforcing strengths, and finding ways to improve writing skills)
  • Spice Up Your Writing (an extensive list of suggested words)
  • Essay Essentials (thesis statement, transitions, topic sentences, supporting details, varied sentence structures, conclusion)

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